Writers back then knew that being smart and deep doesn’t prevent being innocent and childish. 7F03 (SI-203 / S02E01) Bart Gets an F 2F18 (SI-618 / S06E20) Two Dozen and One Greyhounds 325. 447. "The Haw-Hawed Couple" Chris Clements: Matt Selman: December 10, 2006 () JABF02: 8.29: Bart becomes Nelson's best friend, and discovers how possessive Nelson can be. BABF18 (SI-1118 / S11E21) It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge 3G04 (SI-828 / S09E19) Simpson Tide It’s a much-welcomed break from the overused “Homer & Marge’s marriage in peril” plots, and the Bart/Nelson dynamic is definitely different than the Lisa/Nelson one in “Lisa’s Date With Density”, so it didn’t feel like a retread. 8F16 (SI-316 / S03E16) Bart the Lover It just hit me: Why wasn’t a sequence like this in the Mook episode instead? KABF07 (SI-1907 / S19E14) Dial 'N' for Nerder NABF03 (SI-2203 / S22E10) Moms I'd Like to Forget 40. 349. 42. 3F07 (SI-707 / S07E11) Marge Be Not Proud 286. 171. 3F09 (SI-709 / S07E13) Two Bad Neighbors 128. As he was led away, a little boy said, ‘Haw-haw!’ like Nelson on The Simpsons. 6. 5F20 (SI-920 / S10E01) Lard of the Dance NABF09 (SI-2209 / S22E16) A Midsummer's Nice Dream 5F10 (SI-910 / S09E15) The Last Temptation of Krust HABF01 (SI-1701 / S17E09) Simpsons Christmas Stories 368. MG24 The Aquarium EABF20 (SI-1420 / S15E03) The President Wore Pearls GABF22 (SI-1622 / S17E07) The Last of the Red Hat Mamas MG14 The Funeral 414. LABF19 (SI-2019 / S21E07) Rednecks and Broomsticks NABF11 (SI-2211 / S22E18) The Great Simpsina LABF12 (SI-2012 / S20E21) Coming to Homerica, 442. 10. 88. 22. 291. AABF23 (SI-1023 / S11E01) Beyond Blunderdome 246. 459. 7F20 (SI-220 / S02E20) The War of the Simpsons 480. I’m glad I’m not the only one who kept thinking about Bart the General when Grandpa started talking about it though. MG20 World War III 481. GABF14 (SI-1614 / S16E19) Thank God, It's Doomsday 13. 21. 151. 472. JABF09 (SI-1809 / S18E14) Yokel Chords FABF03 (SI-1503 / S15E08) Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples 5F19 (SI-919 / S10E05) When You Dish Upon a Star MG41 Bart's Little Fantasy 195. 400. 78. EABF09 (SI-1409 / S14E14) Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington 41. I have just modified 3 external links on The Haw-Hawed Couple. It’s kind of disturbing to me, then they follow it up with Milhouse mentioning he’s walked in on his dad masturbating. 5F07 (SI-907 / S09E10) Miracle on Evergreen Terrace 1F09 (SI-509 / S05E11) Homer the Vigilante 202. -“There, now she’ll never have to know about death until it strikes someone close to her.”. MABF09 (SI-2109 / S21E18) Chief of Hearts MABF20 (SI-2120 / S22E05) Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life MG46 Bart Of The Jungle DABF12 (SI-1312 / S13E17) Gump Roast The Haw-Hawed Couple Photos. 403. 222. 7F14 (SI-214 / S02E16) Bart's Dog Gets an F 369. 68. 385. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 10, 2006. New Grampa is a pussy (“You know what they say: all bullies are cowards. KABF19 (SI-1919 / S20E06) Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words Marge: You're the worst husband in the world! Bart: It's not coffee, it's hot Pepsi. Because as I always say, explaining the joke always makes things funnier.”. BABF15 (SI-1115 / S11E20) Last Tap Dance in Springfield 471. 77. 73. 4. 8F05 (SI-305 / S03E06) Like Father, Like Clown 21. 252. – We end on a Brokeback Mountain reference at the end where Bart hugs the jacket Nelson gave him, which just feels kind of weird and disturbing given these are ten-year-olds. 300. AABF20 (SI-1020 / S10E23) Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo, 227. 283. 5F08 (SI-908 / S09E12) Bart Carny LABF02 (SI-2002 / S20E11) How the Test Was Won The Haw-Hawed Couple. CABF15 (SI-1215 / S12E19) I'm Goin' to Praiseland CABF14 (SI-1214 / S12E18) Trilogy of Error Please take a moment to review my edit . 5F22 (SI-922 / S10E03) Bart, the Mother 100. 69. Watch Queue Queue. 144. Last updated on July 20, 2011 by Jouni Paakkinen (webmaster@simpsonsarchive.com). 2F22 (SI-622 / S06E24) Lemon of Troy – At the start of act three, Bart fears for his life from Nelson at the kitchen table. 423. 5F17 (SI-917 / S09E24) Lost Our Lisa -Bart’s confusion over Marge’s “jumped off the Empire State Building” comment 457. Portuguese 170. KABF14 (SI-1914 / S20E03) Double, Double, Boy in Trouble 339. It’s also this bizarre thing that we’ve seen J.K. Rowling, yet this series exists, just like we have Star Wars and Cosmic Wars. EABF08 (SI-1408 / S14E13) A Star Is Born-Again TBA. MABF08 (SI-2108 / S21E17) American History X-cellent DABF10 (SI-1310 / S13E15) Blame it on Lisa – The B-plot involves Homer’s bedtime story time with Lisa, reading Angelica Button, which the shrewd viewer will notice slightly resembles Harry Potter. JABF10 (SI-1810 / S18E17) Marge Gamer 3F14 (SI-714 / S07E17) Homer the Smithers 259. 174. NABF-- (SI-22-- / S23E--) Replaceable You The Haw-Hawed Couple. 7F16 (SI-216 / S02E15) Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Lie to a child! 120. 31. MG26 Bart's Hiccups D'oh • Moe'N'a Lisa • Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair) • The Haw-Hawed Couple • Kill Gil, Volumes I & II • The Wife Aquatic • … It would’ve made more sense for Michael to get pampered, since everyone’s afraid of him. 262. CABF22 (SI-1222 / S13E02) The Parent Rap Agreed, that sequence doesn’t make any sense. 4F13 (SI-813 / S08E17) My Sister, My Sitter 337. KABF04 (SI-1904 / S19E11) That '90s Show – “Individually, we are weak, like a single twig, but as a bundle, we form a mighty faggot!” Yeah guys, faggot is an actual word outside a gay slur. But now writers use her in her most cheap borderline incompatible versions: Lisa in this episode is in her toddler version, wanting her dad to read her a story like a banal 8yo child; Lisa is a 8yo children, but always a really precocious one. Or perhaps something much more filthy. 398. 9F14 (SI-414 / S04E16) Duffless - … DABF18 (SI-1318 / S14E04) Large Marge 23. (They walk by a tiny monster couple.) The Haw-Hawed Couple. Agreed on the pussification of Nelson. 389. -The whole “Milhouse can’t say bully” scene. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. EABF11 (SI-1411 / S14E16) `Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky 479. 178. 24. 263. Italian, MABF16 (SI-2116 / S22E04) Treehouse of Horror XXI 8F21 (SI-321 / S03E22) The Otto Show FABF04 (SI-1504 / S15E09) I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot 108. An annoyingly empty episode. 143. 50. 2F17 (SI-617 / S07E02) Radioactive Man What’s with pussifying all these characters? LABF16 (SI-2016 / S21E03) The Great Wife Hope 253. LABF10 (SI-2010 / S20E19) Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh 473. It’s happened in the past, but as a quick joke: spurring baby Bart’s first words, or working into a story, in a montage of Homer and Marge’s increasingly devoid sex life, but here, much effort is made by them to shoo the kids away so they can have morning coitus, then they see it, and we see Bart visibly traumatized. 2F04 (SI-604 / S06E07) Bart's Girlfriend Dignity “The B-plot involves Homer’s bedtime story time with Lisa, reading Angelica Button, which the shrewd viewer will notice slightly resembles Harry Potter. 429. 175. 7G05 (SI-105 / S01E05) Bart the General I’d rather not extrapolate.”. 206. 213. HABF17 (SI-1717 / S18E04) Treehouse of Horror XVII 5F21 (SI-921 / S10E02) The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace HABF20 (SI-1720 / S18E03) Please Homer Don't Hammer 'Em 277. 4F20 (SI-820 / S08E24) The Simpsons Spin-off Showcase 38. 4F12 (SI-812 / S08E14) The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show 203. 90. AABF16 (SI-1016 / S10E20) The Old Man and The "C" Student Subtitles. HABF11 (SI-1711 / S17E18) The Wettest Stories Ever Told Find all the best video clips for "The Haw-Hawed Couple - The Simpsons [S18E08]" at getyarn.io Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. 416. 396. 18. 7F24 (SI-224 / S03E01) Stark Raving Dad Time to do what I do best! And what a perfect visual representation of this trope. But Nelson becomes insanely jealous when he finds Bart hanging out with Milhouse, and Bart gets understandably shaken up about it. 289. 35. (originally aired December 10, 2006) I don’t really understand this one. Kill Gil: Vols. 424. TBA. 5F05 (SI-905 / S09E08) Lisa the Skeptic 235. CABF11 (SI-1211 / S12E16) Bye Bye Nerdie 22min. Watch Queue Queue 359. -“Stupid highway 88! (Part One), 129. 3F10 (SI-710 / S07E12) Team Homer FABF06 (SI-1506 / S15E11) Margical History Tour Mom! 443. It’s like how Barney used to be Homer’s best friend and Lenny and Carl were his work/drinking buddies, but now Lenny and Carl are Homer’s best friends and Barney’s just a guy who’s permanently at Moe’s. 2F09 (SI-609 / S06E12) Homer the Great KABF03 (SI-1903 / S19E10) E. Pluribus Wiggum 41. LABF07 (SI-2007 / S20E17) The Good, the Sad and the Drugly 476. 95. When Lisa hears the song, she refers to it as "county fair music". 8F19 (SI-319 / S03E20) Colonel Homer MG18 Bart's Haircut and Teens, and Gays Nothing especially cringe happens, it’s a nice simple, down to earth story done decently well, not especially eventful, but no major mess-ups either. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. MG15 Bart & Dad Eat Dinner 39. 37. If they had showed Nelson is like the pariah in the bully circle and that they don’t really care about him, I would buy into that, since he hangs around with them all the time. 32. FABF17 (SI-1517 / S15E21) Bart-Mangled Banner Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. 142. 45. DABF06 (SI-1306 / S13E11) The Bart Wants What It Wants Show the dictionary definition on the screen. 31. 2F07 (SI-607 / S06E10) Grampa vs. It’s not true! 192. 70. 427. 2F01 (SI-601 / S06E04) Itchy & Scratchy Land 103. particularly with a lot of things like the merlinical councel that sound as if they’re from a fantasy novel and aren’t, as well as some amusing cliffhangers and titles like the truckle bed of doom., Greystache’s death was an amusing take of dumbledor’s in halfblood prince and the way some fans did react, albeit with Homer acting like a total idiot crying at mo’s afterwards, and I really did like Lisa saying “dad’s was better” after reading the ending for herself. Plow 265. 183. 4F22 (SI-822 / S09E01) The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson BABF03 (SI-1103 / S11E07) Eight Misbehavin' MABF21 (SI-2121 / S22E01) Elementary School Musical I kinda like “MUSTACHE POWERS, ACTIVATE!”, “Grandpa randomly appearing in the house” is a long-established gag, isn’t it? 356. 8F13 (SI-313 / S03E17) Homer at the Bat HABF15 (SI-1715 / S18E01) The Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and Her Homer FABF10 (SI-1510 / S15E15) Co-Dependent's Day 3F31 (SI-731 / S07E10) The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular 118. 8F17 (SI-317 / S03E19) Dog of Death – Bart and Lisa walking in on their parents have sex kind of bothers me. 255. Making Nelson more than just a threat on the playground is fine; we’ve seen softer sides to him with his infatuation with Andy Williams and huckleberries. GABF10 (SI-1610 / S16E16) Don't Fear the Roofer 380. DABF14 (SI-1314 / S13E19) The Sweetest Apu 307. 2F32 (SI-632 / S06E22) 'Round Springfield 9F09 (SI-409 / S04E11) Homer's Triple Bypass 8F22 (SI-322 / S03E23) Bart's Friend Falls in Love 1. 38. 287. 1F15 (SI-515 / S05E17) Bart Gets an Elephant 3. 215. 97. 464. 7F18 (SI-218 / S02E18) Brush with Greatness 3F16 (SI-716 / S07E18) The Day the Violence Died 409. 7G04 (SI-104 / S01E04) There's No Disgrace Like Home MG09 Making Faces 54. Alphabetical Peter Gaffney (Treehouse of Horror XVII); Bill Odenkirk ( FABF05 (SI-1505 / S15E10) Diatribe of a Mad Housewife 52. JABF04 (SI-1804 / S18E12) Little Big Girl 63. 87. 20. 236. 141. 220. NABF04 (SI-2204 / S22E11) Flaming Moe It’s kind of disturbing to me, then they follow it up with Milhouse mentioning he’s walked in on his dad masturbating. 83. 9F12 (SI-412 / S04E14) Brother from the Same Planet It would’ve still been a recreation, but at least it would’ve made more sense. 8F11 (SI-311 / S03E13) Radio Bart EABF04 (SI-1404 / S14E09) The Strong Arms of the Ma What? Marge: I wish I'd married Lenny and his friend. KABF22 (SI-1922 / S20E09) Lisa the Drama Queen That’s kind of annoying as they don’t even know their own damn continuity. 3F13 (SI-713 / S07E16) Lisa the Iconoclast 332. MG22 The Pagans 11. it really does disturb me. 180. LABF14 (SI-2014 / S21E04) Treehouse of Horror XX At least it’s a “parody” that integrates into the story, but it’s kind of weird, when did Nelson become kingpin of the school? 1F18 (SI-518 / S05E19) Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song -ABF-- (SI-2--- / S23E--) The Daughter Also Rises Individual episode descriptions are available in the episode guide. 224. EABF03 (SI-1403 / S14E08) The Dad Who Knew Too Little 474. Translations in KABF13 (SI-1913 / S19E20) All About Lisa, 421. 155. HABF05 (SI-1705 / S17E12) My Fair Laddy "The Haw-Hawed Couple" is the eighth episode of The Simpsons' eighteenth season. 101. 7G01 (SI-101 / S01E13) Some Enchanted Evening, Season Two (1990-1991) - 22 Episodes + 2 Music Videos, 14. 2F06 (SI-606 / S06E09) Homer Badman I’m also a little confused because I thought Nelson’s dad returned in Season 16, but here it sounds like he is still gone. FABF20 (SI-1520 / S16E02) All's Fair in Oven War 340. 301. DABF21 (SI-1321 / S14E05) Helter Shelter 3F19 (SI-719 / S07E22) Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling Grandson The Haw-Hawed Couple; Kill Gil, Volumes I & II; The Wife Aquatic; Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times; Little Big Girl; Springfield Up; Yokel Chords; Rome-Old and Juli-Eh; Homerazzi; Marge Gamer; The Boys of Bummer; Crook and Ladder; Stop! 208. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Haw-Hawed Couple, After being forced to attend Nelson’s birthday party, Bart becomes best friends with the schoolyard bully. CABF21 (SI-1221 / S13E05) The Blunder Years good episode. 96. 266. 432. LABF09 (SI-2009 / S20E20) Four Great Women and a Manicure Mike: Whoo! He soon feels bad, as Nelson is apparently a pitiful, lonely loser, and the two become friends. – The well-established poor Nelson apparently has a digital camera that he took pictures of Bart and Milhouse with. 267. 261. MABF17 (SI-2117 / S22E02) Loan-a Lisa D'fhéach 8.29 milliún duine ar an eipeasóid. 51. "The Haw-Hawed Couple" The Simpsons: Matt Selman: Fox "The Homer of Seville" The Simpsons: Carolyn Omine: Fox "Kill Gil, Volumes I & II" The Simpsons: Jeff Westbrook: Fox "Stop! EABF14 (SI-1414 / S14E19) Old Yeller-Belly It's not coffee, it's hot Pepsi. But here, Nelson’s this cloying, co-dependent basket case. 8F09 (SI-309 / S03E11) Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk HABF16 (SI-1716 / S17E22) Homer and Marge Turn a Couple Play, 379. 79. 433. Find all the best video clips for "The Haw-Hawed Couple - The Simpsons [S18E08]" at yarn.co. 290. 247. 223. If true, that is the most hilariously ironic thing I’ve heard in years. I don’t think this episode is horrible, but it isn’t great either. 8F20 (SI-320 / S03E21) Black Widower 9F01 (SI-401 / S04E03) Homer the Heretic TBA. The Haw-Hawed Couple Homer: (thinking) No book is ever going to make my daughter sad. 245. 207. 482. 7G08 (SI-108 / S01E01) Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire 39. Of course, it’s nothing they haven’t done better before, but I feel like I can watch this and be somewhat reminded of the old days. 153. 3G03 (SI-827 / S08E13) Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(ANNOYED GRUNT)cious MG07 Eating Dinner, 8. -“I’m sorry, Nelson never woke up.” “WHAT? 456. 197. 331. EABF18 (SI-1418 / S15E02) My Mother the Carjacker 251. 297. 44. 24. 346. 3G02 (SI-826 / S09E03) Lisa's Sax 486. KABF01 (SI-1901 / S19E08) Funeral for a Fiend 353. 5. 393. Bart's drinking coffee! Ow, it hurts! 274. 49. 86. FABF16 (SI-1516 / S16E06) Midnight Rx FABF18 (SI-1518 / S15E22) Fraudcast News, 336. This feature is not available right now. probably the only one this season… and the next, and the next…, The writers seem to be actively trying to keep Nelson separate from Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney for some reason, turning Nelson from a bully ring-leader into an over-emotional loner that compulsively says “Haw-haw!” at things (which has been so over-used that it’s no longer remotely demeaning.). 200. "The Simpsons" The Haw-Hawed Couple (TV Episode 2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. (Part Two) AABF08 (SI-1008 / S10E12) Sunday, Cruddy Sunday Unpopular opinion: this is as good as a Zombie Simpsons episode is going to get. 48. 295. Everything feels so artificial and phony though, since this turn with Nelson had no real build-up to it. FABF14 (SI-1514 / S15E18) Catch 'em if You Can 9F03 (SI-403 / S04E06) Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie 4F10 (SI-810 / S08E12) Mountain of Madness CABF12 (SI-1212 / S12E14) New Kids on the Blecch HABF19 (SI-1719 / S18E06) Moe'n'a Lisa (laughs, but tapers off)” While i really didn’t like the way Homer wasn’t interested in reading to Lisa until he observed the Angelica button books could be of interest to adults (what happened to the rather nice father who did monkey impressions for his daughter? FABF07 (SI-1507 / S15E12) Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore Chraol an t-ochtú heipeasóid, "The Haw-Hawed Couple", den ochtú sraith déag The Simpsons ar an 10 Nollaig 2006. Hey, that hurts. KABF21 (SI-1921 / S20E08) The Burns and the Bees MG48 TV Simpsons, 1. Later at the curbside, Mike approaches a shiny new convertible and holds up a set of keys.) 278. 437. 18. 438. 343. What? TBA. 2F15 (SI-615 / S06E19) Lisa's Wedding EABF01 (SI-1401 / S14E06) The Great Louse Detective 308. 43. 374. 448. CABF13 (SI-1213 / S12E17) Simpson Safari 5F06 (SI-906 / S09E09) Realty Bites 383. 3F03 (SI-703 / S07E05) Lisa the Vegetarian I’d rather not extrapolate. AABF04 (SI-1004 / S10E08) Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble" JABF15 (SI-1815 / S18E22) You Kent Always Say What You Want, 401. 370. MABF01 (SI-2101 / S21E08) O Brother, Where Bart Thou? 466. 5. 468. ), I actually liked the angelica button thing in this episode. At least it’s a “parody” that integrates into the story, but it’s kind of weird, when did Nelson become kingpin of the school?”. It was written by Matt Selman and directed by Chris Clements. 3F21 (SI-721 / S07E24) Homerpalooza 124. 1F17 (SI-517 / S06E02) Lisa's Rival TBA. MG08 Football 373. Please try again later. 377. 281. 430. 8F06 (SI-306 / S03E08) Lisa's Pony 372. 1F14 (SI-514 / S05E16) Homer Loves Flanders D'oh 391. (originally aired December 10, 2006) We had sad, pathetic Moe two episodes ago, and now we have sad, pathetic Nelson. His dialog while he “read” the ending to the story was great because the characters are saying just how he would read it, and the ending is full of plotholes: “I somehow escaped the hourglass!” Though it was weird how Lisa, after reading the actual ending, shrugged it off. 275. 7F19 (SI-219 / S02E19) Lisa's Substitute 7F12 (SI-212 / S02E12) The Way We Was 4F21 (SI-821 / S08E25) The Secret War of Lisa Simpson, 179. 4. 2F10 (SI-610 / S06E13) And Maggie Makes Three 5F04 (SI-904 / S09E07) The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons 28. 294. 115. 33. 298. GABF21 (SI-1621 / S17E06) See Homer Run 9F07 (SI-407 / S04E09) Mr. 45. 3F02 (SI-702 / S07E04) Bart Sells His Soul 284. Indeed it did (Bleeding Gums). It was the weird animation slide that triggered me more than Grampa appearing from nowhere. 106. Don Del Grande, Ondre Lombard and Benjamin Robinson for their assistance. BABF09 (SI-1109 / S11E13) Saddlesore Galactica 444. 139. 2F16 (SI-616 / S06E25) Who Shot Mr. Burns? DABF13 (SI-1313 / S13E18) I Am Furious (Yellow) 159. NABF22 (SI-2222 / S23E--) The Book Job 225. The Haw-Hawed Couple Lisa: Mom, Bart's drinking coffee! 105. 9F22 (SI-422 / S05E02) Cape Feare 158. 333. Transcript. GABF18 (SI-1618 / S17E01) The Bonfire of the Manatees 218. 4F08 (SI-808 / S08E11) The Twisted World of Marge Simpson The conclusion with Lisa preferring Homer’s made-up ending is kind of sweet, and I really like the line, “Time to do what I do best: lie to a child!,” but that’s about it.”. 248. Characters appearing in scenes for no reason, just sliding into frame and then sliding out once they’ve done their stupid gag. 322. 127. 428. Individual episode descriptions are available in the episode guide. PABF02 (SI-2302 / S23E--) The Ten-Per-Cent Solution GABF07 (SI-1607 / S16E13) Mobile Homer 5F15 (SI-915 / S09E21) Girly Edition December 10, 2006. The writers don’t seem to get the difference between giving him a softer domestic dimension. 3F01 (SI-701 / S07E03) Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily 285. 320. So how can we make this joke? 276. Clearly not. CABF08 (SI-1208 / S12E11) The Worst Episode Ever HABF09 (SI-1709 / S17E16) Million Dollar Abie 15. MG23 The Closet 58. 42. 3F05 (SI-705 / S07E07) King-Size Homer 426. TBA. BABF04 (SI-1104 / S11E10) Little Big Mom NABF05 (SI-2205 / S22E12) Homer the Father ), and shouting “Gooooooo love-making!” Ugh. 9F16 (SI-416 / S04E19) The Front 7G02 (SI-102 / S01E02) Bart the Genius CABF09 (SI-1209 / S12E15) Hungry, Hungry Homer EABF17 (SI-1417 / S14E22) Moe Baby Blues, 314. FABF13 (SI-1513 / S15E20) The Way We Weren't 1F16 (SI-516 / S05E18) Burns' Heir 2. 1F12 (SI-512 / S05E14) Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy 8F24 (SI-324 / S04E01) Kamp Krusty 7F05 (SI-205 / S02E05) Dancin' Homer And doesn’t he consider them his friends? 440. CABF18 (SI-1218 / S13E04) A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love Well, I wish I'd married Patty and Selma! MG30 Shut Up Simpsons BABF08 (SI-1108 / S11E12) The Mansion Family The Haw-Hawed Couple This episode's title is a pun on The Odd Couple. 93. English [CC] Audio languages. MABF06 (SI-2106 / S21E13) The Color Yellow BABF07 (SI-1107 / S11E09) Grift of the Magi BABF02 (SI-1102 / S11E06) Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder November 19, 2012 November 19, 2012 ~ Mike! 9F20 (SI-420 / S04E21) Marge in Chains 3F15 (SI-715 / S07E19) A Fish Called Selma 9F04 (SI-404 / S04E05) Treehouse of Horror III 7. In the episode, Bart becomes Nelson's new best friend and under Nelson's protection no one dares to mess with Bart. 441. 61. "The Haw-Hawed Couple" is the eighth episode of The Simpsons' eighteenth season and first aired December 10, 2006. 9F17 (SI-417 / S04E18) So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show 189. 164. Bart and Nelson become friends, but when Bart tries to break if off, he fears for his safety. GABF12 (SI-1612 / S16E15) Future-Drama Noted in the DVD commentaries of "The Deep South" and "Roswell That Ends Well", Burns has an M.A. 420. 132. 25. FABF21 (SI-1521 / S16E05) Fat Man and Little Boy 484. 483. I mean, Lisa is a 8yo children, but a precocious one: with her “blues” melancholic vision of life but still innocent. LABF08 (SI-2008 / S20E18) Father Knows Worst Why didn’t they do anything like that? 338. 306. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Weren’t Bart and Nelson already sometimes kinda friends? 422. 282. 408. NABF16 (SI-2216 / S23E--) The Falcon and the D'ohman NABF06 (SI-2206 / S22E13) The Blue and The Gray Season 29 had a fantasy ep (Serfsons) in the opening block. 12. French, Probably user submitted… Maybe not the most reliable source, but it is funny whether true or not. He’s really tenderly clutching that thing and stroking it… like what the fuck am I watching? CABF20 (SI-1220 / S13E03) Homer the Moe 193. 445. 219. FABF09 (SI-1509 / S15E13) Smart and Smarter 397. 216. I sorta liked the B-plot, because it actually painted Homer in a sweet manner, which certainly hasn’t been the case in many modern episodes. 136. 53. DABF05 (SI-1305 / S13E09) Jaws Wired Shut History Talk (0) Comments Share. Every Fish 387. AABF15 (SI-1015 / S10E19) Mom and Pop Art 67. AABF01 (SI-1001 / S10E04) Treehouse of Horror IX 2F19 (SI-619 / S06E21) The PTA Disbands HABF12 (SI-1712 / S17E19) Girls Just Want to Have Sums BABF21 (SI-1121 / S12E01) Treehouse of Horror XI 9. KABF11 (SI-1911 / S19E18) Any Given Sundance 6. JABF20 (SI-1820 / S19E01) He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs 57. 114. It’s sweet and it’s nice seeing Homer actually act like a dad for once. 150. 7F11 (SI-211 / S02E11) One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish 111. It’s happened in the past, but as a quick joke: spurring baby Bart’s first words, or working into a story, in a montage of Homer and Marge’s increasingly devoid sex life, but here, much effort is made by them to shoo the kids away so they can have morning coitus, then they see it, and we see Bart visibly traumatized. AABF17 (SI-1017 / S10E21) Monty Can't Buy Me Love JABF14 (SI-1814 / S18E21) 24 Minutes KABF05 (SI-1905 / S19E12) Love, Springfieldian Style With thanks to Dale G. Abersold, James A. Cherry, Raymond Chen, I do have trouble saying no. DABF07 (SI-1307 / S13E12) The Lastest Gun in the West 14. 3F22 (SI-722 / S07E25) Summer of 4 Ft. 2, 154. 117. Tidbits and Quotes 3F17 (SI-717 / S07E20) Bart on the Road I like this one. Also they’ve known each other since they were kids and Burns was Smithers father-figure making any brown-nosing by Smithers extremely creepy and bizzare…. 113. A day earlier she was claiming that if the main character died, she would be devastated. 7G11 (SI-111 / S01E09) Life on the Fast Lane 334. BABF14 (SI-1114 / S11E18) Days of Wine and D'oh'ses -“LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!” Nice reference to Misery. CABF07 (SI-1207 / S12E12) Tennis the Menace Finnish, DABF01 (SI-1301 / S13E07) Brawl in the Family 36. MG13 Space Patrol 71. GABF17 (SI-1617 / S17E04) Treehouse of Horror XVI 386. KABF02 (SI-1902 / S19E09) Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind FABF08 (SI-1508 / S15E14) The Ziff Who Came to Dinner 413. Also, we’ve come such a long way since “Bart the General.” Both episodes involved Grampa advising Bart about Nelson the bully. But lots of people don’t know that. 305. The conclusion with Lisa preferring Homer’s made-up ending is kind of sweet, and I really like the line, “Time to do what I do best: lie to a child!,” but that’s about it. 242. 419. 194. 20. What’s with pussifying all these characters? BABF19 (SI-1119 / S11E22) Behind the Laughter, 249. DABF08 (SI-1308 / S13E14) Tales from the Public Domain The mighty winkle? 8F18 (SI-318 / S04E02) A Streetcar Named Marge BABF22 (SI-1122 / S12E09) HOMR 362. Or perhaps something much more filthy. The two have a final confrontation on a field trip, where feelings are shared (“There you go again, you act all nice and then you go crazy!” “Well, maybe I get jealous, but it’s just because… I’ve never had a best friend before.”) Awww, how sweet. HABF18 (SI-1718 / S18E02) Jazzy and the Pussycats He’s right over there.” Great screw you joke.