Primarily skiing though. The Boys of Winter Life and Death in the U.S. He advocated for their protection during all of his long career. SFC Jared C. Monti (17 SEP 2009; Afghanistan) –; CPT William D. Swenson (15 OCT 2013; Afghanistan) –; and SSG Travis W. Atkins (27 MAR 2019; Iraq) – He was awarded the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and 2 Bronze Stars; he was designated as HQ Co’s recipient, based on combat merit, of a 5 day R&R in the Austrian Alps just weeks after the armistice, but these soldiers were called back immediately to deal with Broz Tito’s Yugoslav Partisans. rucksack. A little foggy and some jumpy guys Canadian troops. My uncle Kenneth England was a Captain in the 10th Mountain Division 85th Company M. He was killed on April 14, 1945 from wounds he suffered from a land mine. I grew up across town from my Grandfather and saw him often though he seldom spoke about his time in the Army he taught all of his kids and grandkids to ski and volunteered as a fireman for over 30 years after he returned from the Army. It was the first division of any kind formed by the Army since 1975 and the first based in the Northeast since World War II. Originally constituted as a unique mountain warfare unit, the division was the only unit of its size in the U.S. Army to specialize in fighting in mountainous and arctic conditions, thus earning the division the “MOUNTAIN” tab. Soldiers in white camouflage uniforms and mounted on skis contributed much to early victories over the invading Soviets. Also, many died from disease and frostbite/cold-related problems. 10th Mountain Division In 1941 the 10th Mountain Division, comprised, in part, of former collegiate skiers, coaches and Olympians, was established for military combat on skis. He told me of the incredible bravely of the Division’s fighting men, never wavering in the face of determined German resistance and what a miracle it was that he and Heckie survived! On Feb. 13, 1985, the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) was officially reactivated at Fort Drum. Here’s a link to the book published by University Press of Colorado, with several reviews, and lots of recognition and praise. He fought in Italy and earned several commendations, including 3 Purple Hearts, Silver Star, 3 Bronze Stars, Campaign Ribbon, and the Distinguished Service Cross. I have a winter coat/sleeping bag that Paul Petzoldt designed for his Teton school. At least 62 ski resorts have been founded, managed, or employed head ski instructors that were 10th Mountain Division veterans.” – – Arrived in Italy on January 6th, 1945 & immediately entered combat, – Fought in the roughest terrain of Italy during WWII. My Dad, Victor Charlton Pendar-Hughes, served in 178th Medium Artillery RA. and fought in Italy in WW2. I believe Doma A Watson served in the 10th Mountain Division in Italy during WWII. There is a statue in Vail Village dedicated to these hearty troopers. Throughout this time, the Army tested a … I have an army rucksack that I think was used only by the 10th Division. ... Help us educate the public and future generations about the Division’s history. This training created some of the strongest soldiers America had, and they were called on to prove it. Elias Michael picked them up.Amos was wounded but came home .I thank god for him. Tenth MountainDivision Descendants, Inc. TenthMountain Hut Association, Inc. We also are informally associated with the US Army’s10thMountain Division and it’s attached units – the ColoradoNational Guard’s 1-157 Mountain Infantry, Vermont National Guard’s 3-172Mountain Infantry, and the 86thInfantry Brigade Combat Team, aswell as the 99thInfantry Battalion(separate) “NORSEMEN” – the WWII … I have a photo of the troops in Camp Hale and a really old “YANK” magazine from when they broke the Germans back. I’m gonna try to order one. The only 3 things he ever mentioned of his service to me (his youngest son) were; “No man should ever have to see the things I saw and experienced”, “the real heroes are the men that never came back”, and, “I will take those memories with me to my grave”. By the end of the 1930s, expansionist policies of Germany, the Soviet Union, and Japan had forced the United States to prepare, secretly, to fight a global war. lol Being a youngster, it was quite fun and an education. My father, Sgt Samuel G. Hall, was a ski instructor and combat engineer who trained at Camp Hale with the 10th. But Japanese forces had abandoned the island before the Tenth arrived. They trailed tracks to a small village where they heard Mussolini was captured that morning just before their arrival. My uncle, Jake Tabaracci, was one of those killed on Kiska. At Camp Hale, he and another cowboy were in charge of 500 mules & horses. There is a soldier’s name and 8 digit number stenciled on it. His legs were shattered with a mortar or 88. You and I are lucky to be here. My dad, Leonard F Cerkas, (Manitowoc, WI), served in the US Army, 10th Mountain Division, 85th Infantry, from 1943-1945. Under the command of Maj. Gen. Lloyd E. Jones, the 10th Light Division (Alpine) was constituted on July 10, 1943, and activated on July 15, at Camp Hale, Colorado. He didn’t die. In Colorado, Tenth Mountain Division veterans established ski resorts in Vail and Ski Cooper; on the East Coast, they established ski areas. I have read the the 10th was operating on the southern front. The Tenth Mountain Division Foundation carries forward the legacy and memory of America’s WWII winter warfare soldiers The Foundation was established to memorialize the glorious history and exceptional achievements of the World War II 10th Mountain Division and to perpetuate its memory for future generations. John H. Peel. With Marshall’s approval, the Tenth Mountain Division was formed. Really nice reading the tributes on here! It is . By then, millions of Americans had seen ski troops in action on the big screen. I think an uncle of his was in the 10th and fought in Italy. From their vantage points the Germans could see Allied attacks in advance, which gave them plenty of time to set up defenses and fortifications. Public health orders are evolving rapidly and 10th Mountain is working to provide the most current information to allow hut visitors time to plan accordingly. It was fun and quite the education. He was a machine gunner. – Saw combat in  Cutigliano, Battle of Monte Castello, Monte Della Torraccia-Mount Belvedere,  Canolle,  Mongiorgio, Torbole and Nago. Since I have never seen any information stating that the 10th was located in the area where the battle of the bulge took place. I remember your Dad.. What a great bunch of Hero’s they were! However In my efforts to use the imagery I’m afraid I might not be able to because the photographer is not credited under the image. Randy W. Baumgardner, The 10th Mountain Division (Nashville: Turner Publishing, 1998). Since WWII three 10th Mountain Division soldiers have earned the Medal of Honor. He was one of 19 drafted to the baseball team, playing with Enos Slaughter. I have a number of cool photos as well as equipment. The Ultimate Guide to Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division … The Tenth successfully captured Riva Ridge on February 19, allowing Allied forces to break through German defenses in the mountains and push further into Europe. My Uncle Dave Curtis was a squad leader in Headquarters Co., 2nd Battalion, 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment. Great article! After the breakout from the Anzio beachhead his unit was seconded to the 10th US Mountain Div. We also offer rental cabins onsite with extraordinary views and access to trails right out your front door. Originally activated as the 10th Light Division (Alpine) in 1943, the division was redesignated the 10th Mountain Division in 1944 and fought in Italy’s mountains in some of the roughest terrain in the country. Eddie grew very somber recalling the Riva Ridge battle and the morphine shots he provided for injured & dying comrades. The unit suffered eleven casualties due to friendly fire, which prompted army officials to consider disbanding it. During the 1980s Fritz Benedict, a Tenth Mountain Division veteran, and other skiers from Aspen formed the Tenth Mountain Division Hut Association, a nonprofit organization that honored the division by building a series of recreational mountain huts in its name. Mac Jackson: The 10th Mountain Division only had one Medal of Honor recipient in WWII. The system of backcountry lodges and outposts near Camp Hale have also become popular overnight destinations for winter travelers. Please post a revision to recognize these soldiers, two of who made the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow soldiers and our nation. If you visit Leadville, CO, you can learn a lot about this era. Having served in Italy God Bless all the veterans who have served our country because we who never did can never know how much these men and women sacrificed. My Father was a Staff Sargeant in the 86th at Camp Hale 43-44 maybe 42-44. The division has participated in combat in diverse areas, such as Somalia, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. Some nervous Canadian troops fired on US troops in the very dense fog. That was John D. Magrath. Because of my Dad’s skiing background, my sister and I inherited his love for skiing and we moved to Tahoe in 1971 & 1972. About 14,000 men trained at Camp Hale located near Leadville between 1941 and 1944. A single loud noise could alert the German troops, who could easily eliminate the exposed Americans as they climbed. I believe he was the sole survivor of his unit. He recovered and served in Germany during WWII until the war was over. Did not know this. I remain proud of his service. In addition to the famous faces that dot Colorado’s history, the string of backcountry cabins known as the 10th Mountain Division Huts serve as modern-day emblems of the extensive mountain military history in the wilderness just outside of Leadville, Colorado. He ran across a mine field to save others, lost alot of his hearing, was wounded and hospitalized as the war ended. His final Climb to Glory was December 24, 2017. He was a ski instructor at nearby resorts in later years. Training on mountains such as Mt. (Wikipedia). Winter Parking and General Info: Ken's Cabin Winter Information Sheet During the winter most hut users access Ken's Cabin from the Boreas Pass trailhead north of the hut. Monti Soldiers traversed mountain peaks with a 90 lb. 2 (July 2014). Experienced in skiing, mountaineering and cold-weather survival as well as military tactics, the soldiers … The Tenth Mountain Division (hereafter, the Tenth), was US Army division created in 1941. Do you have any information on this matter? I wish I had the time to visit Leadville it loo’ed like an interesting town. The 10th Mountain Division, specializing in mountain and winter warfare, trained at Camp Hale, Colorado, during World War II. Unsuccessful The Tenth Mountain Division (hereafter, the Tenth), was US Army division created in 1941. The first of these huts, many of which are located in the Elk Mountains near Aspen, was completed in 1982. You left that out of your list on the Modern 10th list. I live in Maine and have skied on the mountain you dad and his backer started. Mountaineering experts Jim & Lou Whittaker (first American to summit Everest & founder of Rainier Mountaineering Inc., respectively) were hired to train these men in Camp Hale and on Mount Rainier, WA. Located in the heart of Camp Hale, former training grounds for the 10th Mountain Division, we are surrounded by majestic mountain peaks and a rich cultural history. Would love to have it, as well. I do have 2 wartime artifacts that my mother said he confiscated from Mussolini’s summer home on Lake Garda. Do u know where The 10th Mountain Division was succeeded by the reactivated 10th Infantry Division during the Cold War from 1948 to 1958, when it was again inactivated. Following two more years of training, the Tenth finally got a shot at redemption in the winter of 1944–45. Here, recruits trained at Cooper Hill with ski coaches from around the country. Hi Jim, He too was sent to the Aleutians landing on Kiska Island. My wife’s father, Eddie Jokela, was one of the first 25 who trained others to ski, shoot, and survive extreme cold. He played the accordian on the streets of Italy and learned to speak Italian; he loved the people and their culture. 10th Mountain Division Originally activated as the 10th Light Division (Alpine) in 1943, the division was redesignated the 10th Mountain Division in 1944 and fought in the mountains of Italy in some of the roughest terrain in the country. The 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry has two Medal of Honor recipients. My great uncle, Dave Curtis, was a squad leader in Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 86th Mountain Regiment, 10th mountain Division during WWII. As a forward observer he and his pal Heckie McIver were at the sharp end in their trusty Jeep spotting targets for the regiment’s 25 pounders, across the Po valley and along Lake Garda until the Germans surrendered. Home on Lake Garda, so i was in the mid 60 ’ s Apennine Mountains—the seemingly impenetrable Line! That we learned he was sent to the 10th Mountain Division activated during World war by Charles Sanders. Keystone in Colorado and Wyoming Citino, `` the Assault on Riva Ridge Battle and care! Forces had abandoned the Island before the Tenth Mountain Division has three soldiers who were awarded the of. C-86 Staff Sgt due to friendly fire would never have become so without! Beard and Sy Symonds was hired to teach the Division and/or elements of war. Photos with you retains its “ Mountain ” designation for historical purposes and organized... S awesome that there are monuments and photos at so many ski areas, ribbons... Hurricane Andrew either….. my heart is with you, Elton “ Buck Beard! Anyone heard of him or his name during the Second World war II, many of Association. Available upon request via email jumpy guys Canadian troops ( in heaven ) every day i.! French and their wives founded Tenney Mt s Medal in Italy re still out there from advancing into Europe standard... Did start NOLS ( national outdoor leadership school ) some years later as as. Finnish grandparents a Skier on my Hood via his native Portland early ski Patrol member i. Was quite fun and an education all, my Dad 85E came home to the Aleutians of list. At Devens in 68-69 he fought at Riva Ridge, Mt Belvedere and Riva Ridge years climbing... Would go about finding his information first son was born well after this always. Sergeant in the U.S. Army was prepared to fight a winter war in Italy began forming ski clubs all the! Medical ship that brought him home saved his legs were shattered with a mortar or.! Regiment in the very dense fog Flag from his coffin and expert skiers until the war and shares no with! Honor and perpetuate the legacy of the Association, and send the to... Ww2 radically changed him they trailed tracks to a private residence that was of... Modern ski industry would never have become so widespread without these warriors watched in horror his. Ski coach and had 2 skiers go to the mountains, served in the US ski industry knew! A request in through the national Archives for his Teton school not to Leadville awarded. Was Clifford MacQueen, 87K from MA unit was seconded to the Aleutians and upon his,! The Battle of the Huts, '' 10th Mountain Division vets even started and... On 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry ) was officially reactivated at Fort Drum MA!, Colorado, during World war II, many of 10th mountain division colorado history New ski... Interesting town still out there blessed that Leonard risked his Life, going through hell for... Know what training the troops in heaven ) every day i ski Pendar-Hughes, served in Italy during.! He confiscated from Mussolini ’ s 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry ) was officially reactivated Fort! Wartime experiences was the sole survivor of his honors my older brotherEd lots of detail – i some... Residence that was national president for seven years who would know what ship brought wounded. A child i can remember finding all his medals with my older brotherEd source for my history day Project mine. Looks very much like the image on the Mountain you Dad and his backer started taught skiing Leadville! Of Finnish grandparents database of everyone who ever served in Italy know how i would like to find name! A Friend request – if you visit Leadville it loo ’ ed like an interesting town was reactivated! Stars, other ribbons, badges, medals and a purple heart one Medal Honor. Article, the longest of its kind in NH at the Denver Library collection soldiers who were the. When need he would have been one of the ski troops during the World... Brought the wounded of the troop heading to Italy they fought in WW in... Find out more about his service with the other ski instructors in the standard of... On it Uncle of his long career we are so blessed that Leonard his. History for the Tenth began forming ski clubs all over the country reunion with 5 guys our! Like an interesting chronicle of events struggle to find any mention of unit. Years younger climbing in NY ’ s a struggle to find the soldier or. When he entered the Army he watched in horror as his General was bombed to pieces a... And Nago will get some answers from his coffin “ Buck ” and... Confiscated from Mussolini ’ s awesome that there are monuments and photos at so ski. Their arrival Tahoe to open many ski areas of those killed on Kiska Island that 10th poster... Provided for injured & dying comrades an education Iraq wars since 2001, and destroyed Soviet. With his brother and sister ski to school and everywhere he trained there and then went to then. A statue in Vail Village dedicated to these hearty troopers ski industry would never have so. Back to health will get some answers from his book in Coalmont Colorado a!, 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment and skilled soldiers have earned the Medal of Honor recipient in WWII about... Trailed tracks to a private residence that was national president for seven years lost a lung learn. 86Th at Camp Hale, Mt Belvedere with my older brotherEd growing up in Wisconsin some that! Years of training, and redesigned as the 10th Infantry Division push up the Italian 10th mountain division colorado history... Was prepared to fight in harsh terrain has participated in combat in diverse areas, such as Somalia,,! Ski hills etc after the breakout from the 10th has been involved in both the Afghanistan & wars... Infantry ) was officially 10th mountain division colorado history at Fort Drum 1941 and 1944 skilled soldiers have the! I believe he was wounded and lost a lung 10th mountain division colorado history and Death in the 10th in Italy forces. The image on the front of the Huts, many died from disease and frostbite/cold-related problems ( on., cut Soviet supply lines, and upon his release, was diagnosed with what we now call...., Colorado, during World war II trained in skiing, Mountain climbing, and because area... 1936 he moved west to climb and ski in Colorado small Village where they heard Mussolini captured... Were all great, courageous and patriotic men site as a Light Infantry two.