A series of fourteen public launch sites provide easy access to the rivers. 0000012572 00000 n 0000004885 00000 n 0000023674 00000 n Sites will accommodate the approach to the water's edge of small and light trailered boats. 0000028387 00000 n The Chemung River, which originates at the confluence of the Cohocton and Tioga Rivers in Corning, offers anglers of all ages challenging and exciting opportun-ities to catch a wide array of warmwater fish species. The Chemung River offers the following recreational activities fishing, canoeing, rafting, kayaking, swimming, and hiking. There is a concrete boat launch and a restroom at the site. Delaware River (Sullivan County) Off Route 97, in the Hamlet of Callicoon, Town of Delaware Launch Type: Off Route 97, in the Hamlet of Callicoon, Town of Delaware Parking Restrictions: 40 cars. You can easily find, add or review boat ramps. 0000004707 00000 n <]/Prev 361929>> 0000059423 00000 n 235 0 obj <>stream To view a GeoPDF map of the entire watershed, click here. 0000015880 00000 n 0000004859 00000 n 0000015651 00000 n The boat launch is named after Sen. Smith who lived near the park. Steuben County, DEC Region 8; Waterbody Town Location (some links leave DEC website) Type Parking Invasive Species Present* Comments Agency; Almond Reservoir: Hornellsville: Kanakadea Park. The Chemung Basin River Trail traverses about 80 miles of this beautiful Chemung Valley. White Wagon Road Boat Launch Town of Chemung GPS Coordinates: 42.007126, -76.577134 Exit Toll Bridge Park, turn left, then left again onto Route 427 also known as Wilawana Road. 0000004933 00000 n 0000004959 00000 n 0000077754 00000 n Bottcher’s Landing Boat Launch. Downstream, below the Walnut Street Bridge, is the Chase-Hibbard Dam, built by the Elmira Water Board to maintain high enough river levels to draw more than 50% of the public’s drinking water. 0000023897 00000 n The cleanup took place Saturday at the Corning Road boat launch … Hello I have a question about a structure that used to be in the chemung river between the chemung boat launch and the white wagon boat launch. 0000003099 00000 n 0000067800 00000 n Learn More; Membership. All boat launches for the Upper Susquehanna are included in the GoogleMap below, too. 42.124566°N, 76.951738°W (, Toll Bridge Park. 42.082696°N, 76.865194°W (, Bottcher's Landing. 0000055460 00000 n Boat may then be pushed on or off trailer. startxref 0000004151 00000 n For an explanation of the recreational icons on this page, see below. 42.018087°N, 76.723119°W (. 0000009184 00000 n 0000068473 00000 n 0000004177 00000 n It drains a mountainous region of the northern Allegheny Plateau in the Southern Tier of New York. %%EOF Waterway; County; 15 launch sites matched your search. The Susquehanna is the "mother" river to the Chesapeake, providing 50% of all the freshwater entering the great estuary. 0000060807 00000 n 0000061296 00000 n Boat Launch Sites for Chemung County. 0000005128 00000 n 0000004611 00000 n 0000068184 00000 n 0 Cub Lake Boat Launch - S Hilldale Road at Willaims Drive, Hillsdale, MI, 49242; Lake Chemung Boat Launch - S Hughes Road at Lake Chemung Boat Access Road, Howell, MI, 48843; Hemlock Campground - Lake Mitchell - S Lake Mitchell Drive, Cadillac, MI, 49601; Long Lake Boat Launch (Portage) - S Long Lake Drive, Portage, MI, 49002 Boat Launch Sites. 0000004659 00000 n 0000058788 00000 n Home / Recreation / Boating / Resources / Launch Sites. This video is unavailable. Waterway County Sort By: County . Chemung River Friends and First Transit Inc. are partnering to introduce a bus and canoe/kayak trailer shuttle service to boat launches on the Chemung River in Chemung … Please refer to the map found at www.chemungriverfriends.org/launches.php to determine the locations and amenities of the various boat launches. endstream endobj 164 0 obj <> endobj 165 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 90/Type/Page>> endobj 166 0 obj <> endobj 167 0 obj <> endobj 168 0 obj [/Indexed 174 0 R 255 220 0 R] endobj 169 0 obj /Pattern endobj 170 0 obj /Pattern endobj 171 0 obj /Pattern endobj 172 0 obj <> endobj 173 0 obj <> endobj 174 0 obj [/ICCBased 211 0 R] endobj 175 0 obj [/Indexed 174 0 R 255 213 0 R] endobj 176 0 obj [/Indexed 174 0 R 255 214 0 R] endobj 177 0 obj /Pattern endobj 178 0 obj /Pattern endobj 179 0 obj /Pattern endobj 180 0 obj /Pattern endobj 181 0 obj [/Indexed 174 0 R 255 215 0 R] endobj 182 0 obj /Pattern endobj 183 0 obj [/Indexed 174 0 R 255 216 0 R] endobj 184 0 obj /Pattern endobj 185 0 obj /Pattern endobj 186 0 obj [/Indexed 174 0 R 255 217 0 R] endobj 187 0 obj [/Indexed 174 0 R 15 218 0 R] endobj 188 0 obj [/Indexed 174 0 R 255 219 0 R] endobj 189 0 obj /Pattern endobj 190 0 obj /Pattern endobj 191 0 obj <>stream 0000005080 00000 n 0000004785 00000 n The Susquehanna River Water Trails are boat routes suitable for canoes, kayaks, and small motorized watercraft. Fitch's Bridge Boat Launch Hand launch - No trailer capacity. Waterway County Sort By: Waterway . 0000005180 00000 n Waterway; County; 11 launch sites matched your search. Usually shallow areas. Deep Pond (Suffolk County) Wading River Road, between Route 25 and 25A Launch Type: Wading River Road, between Route 25 and 25A Parking Restrictions: 5 cars Comments: 300 yard carry required, Free access permit required from DEC Region 1 office, Open for fishing weekdays, Sept 15-June 15 only, No gas motors Contact: 631-444-0273 ((DEC)) 0000019683 00000 n 0000004307 00000 n 0000027990 00000 n Watch Queue Queue 163 0 obj <> endobj H��WKo$��+. Waterway; County; 15 launch sites matched your search. People of all ages can learn basic paddling skills when Chemung River Friends sponsors a canoe and kayak paddling course from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Grove Street boat launch in … 0000060466 00000 n Watch Queue Queue. Volunteers are needed to help with the first Chemung River cleanup of the season at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, May 11 at the Dunn Field Boat Launch in Elmira. Online maps, launch site information and scheduled events will help you plan your trip. 0000088376 00000 n The year-long project brought the river-related trails, launch sites, and amenities in southeast Steuben County into a coherent whole picture. The Chemung River ( shə-MUNG) is a tributary of the Susquehanna River, approximately 46.4 miles (74.7 km) long, in south central New York and northern Pennsylvania in the United States. Waterway County Sort By: Waterway . 0000058289 00000 n Guided canoe & kayak trips, river hikes, bike treks, cross-country skiing and riverbank cleanups, building boat launches, developing riverside education and safe boating programs for all … 0000005154 00000 n For an explanation of the recreational icons on this … %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000024132 00000 n Chemung River (Chemung County) At the end of Grove Street, south of Route 352 and 0.6 miles west of Route 14 in the City of Elmira Launch Type: At the end of Grove Street, south of Route 352 and 0.6 miles west of Route 14 in the City of Elmira Parking Restrictions: 10 cars and trailers Paddling a river is a great way to escape cabin fever, get some fresh-air exercise and enjoy nature. Boat ramps are scattered widely among the many fresh-water inland lakes and rivers, like Lake Winnipesaukee and the Squam lakes, for which New Hampshire is justly famous among people who love water sports. Numerous boat launches maintained by various state and local entities are found throughout the Chemung River in Steuben and Chemung Counties. They contain access points, boat launches, day use sites, and/or overnight camping sites for the boating public. The book is 116 pages of topographic maps of the Chemung and Susquehanna Rivers, boating regulations, paddling tips, safety info, river history, camp sites, and so much more! A group of volunteers organized by Chemung River Friends cleaned up the mess over the weekend before it ended up in the water.. 0000004985 00000 n 0000061047 00000 n Please note that a low head dam exists within the City of Elmira. This region has finally realized what a great asset the river can be. 0000074850 00000 n In the last few years there has been a lot of interest in the river with the addition of many new boat launches and access points. There are no for-profit marinas or boat launches on the Chemung, Tioga, Cowanesque or Conhocton rivers. 0000004759 00000 n 0000060068 00000 n Need lodging? Home / Recreation / Boating / Resources / Launch Sites. Their interactive boat launch site is quite useful in planning the perfect trip. Chemung River Boat Launch is a boat launch on Chemung River in Appalachian Mountains, Allegheny Plateau, NY. Most noteworthy are smallmouth bass superb. Click here to a list of boat launch sites from the Department of Environmental Conservation.